Google Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 Updates; How Does It Affect My eCommerce Website


We all know that Google has rolled out its Penguin updates such as 2.0 and 2.1 quite recently which has shaken up eCommerce industry and online marketers and enterprises from what is being believed. But, is the picture really so gloomy and bleak to get worried? Let’s examine in brief columns that follow.

Regardless of whatever kind of set up you eCommerce website has, it has been observed that these e stores come across similar challenges when it comes to SEO. After reviewing the analytic, all eCommerce enthusiasts and professionals can heave a sigh of relief that these Google Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 Updates do not have that much effect on their rankings and organic rankings respectively!

Just one concern to worry about; if you are still using those age-old or old school tricks to give a boost to your ranking of your site, there is nothing to absolutely worry about!

To survive without hiccups and hitches and to ensure that the health of your eCommerce website remains in the pink of health, it would be suggested to stay on the top of your game with precise focus on the following aspects.

  • 401 Redirects (For experience of the site)
  • Descriptions and Meta Titles.
  • URL Rewrites.
  • SSL Certificates (Site protection).
  • Use of Canonical URLs (To decrease duplicate content).
  • On page links direct end-users/customers to correct, proper and relevant landing pages.
  • Submission of Site Map to Google for indexing.

If you are able to pull this simple matrix of puzzle together, you would deem your eCommerce websites for search engines such as Google to access and crawl it easily without finding many an errors as the major objective of Google Updates is to eradicate negative link building and spam tactics which have been going on for so long and had kept genuine information and service based eCommerce entities to last pages of Google.

Stop paid advertising if you don’t want your website to be penalized by Google right now and instead go for conventional online marketing tools such as Pay Per Clicks (PPC), displays and affiliate marketing.

Thus, take care of these aspects and keep your eCommerce website to stay afloat in the competition stricken post Google Penguin update arena.


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