Top 10 Magento Extension List


As its now an accepted fact that Magento is one of the most preferred and being used eCommerce platforms to make online stores and websites. Why not go and see top 10 Magento extension list in brief and ensure its added in your Magento based eCommerce website for enhanced benefits.

Top 10 Magento Extension List

  • Enhanced Admin Product Grid- Enhanced Admin Product Grid is a handy and powerful Magento extension helping to add varied and useful functional and customizable features to the admin. It allows new column addition and tools for the admin area and also helps in a complete product search.
  • Blog- Blog is another Magento extension that must be added on an eCommerce online website and helps in the management of blogs the easy way and could be put on/off for numerous featured stores. Such benefits are multi-store RSS and be able to switch menu categories.
  • Fooman Speedster- Catching of CSS and JS, loading of JavaScript and CSS handling and allowing users to perk up stores could be done with this easy extension.
  • Magento Easy Tabs- It enables adding informational tabs on the product page and could be done with easy installation without the knowledge of coding.
  • Webforms- It’s another useful extension dealing with web-forms. It enables easy customization and addition of captcha in contact form.
  • Facebook LikeButton- Facebook LikeButton with open graph support is a great Magento extension to lap up the benefits of Facebook enabling business to gain wings to reap dividends.
  • Fooman Email Attachment- It’s another handy extension and enables easy attachment of a copy of the PDF to emails that are to be transacted.
  • Woopra for Magento- It is another extension that helps in the tracking of users to the store enabling visitors to be tracked.
  • Softicket- It allows users to help easily follow customer’s link.
  • Fish Pig’s WordPressIntegration- It is another powerful extension that can also integrate with the Magento based WordPress blog.

Ensure your Magento based eCommerce store has these essential extensions to let your online business do all the talking. Best of luck!

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