Importance & benefits of One-Step checkout


Importance & benefits of One-Step checkout

Have you ever wondered about the technology that helps you check out from an eCommerce store while shopping that reduce your time in shopping and save lots of time? Yes, it’s none other than One-Step Checkout module that helps in increasing the rate of conversion by making the checkout process simpler, better and faster.

The One-Step Checkout module is basically a Magento based smart shopping cart extension that saves a substantial amount of time for consumers while they shop. One-step Checkout Magento based smart shopping cart extension catalyzes the checkout process of an eCommerce store.

Technically speaking, one step check out is a complicated process involving online shopping and due to many technical glitches, many customers are forced to abandon their shopping in the middle and that’s when a One Step Checkout module extension that helps in soothing the complexities of online shopping.

In the same context, let’s see some of the undisputed benefits or advantages of Magento based One-Step Checkout module of an eCommerce store.

Benefits or advantages of One-Step Checkout module

Working benefits/advantages of One-Step Checkout on an eCommerce Magento store

  • Decrease in the checkout steps from six to one
  • A single step module for checkout process eases and soothes overall procedures
  • Facilitating an enriched end-user experience
  • Help in setting up default shipping and payment option/method
  • Numerous registration options to choose from
  • With usage of the first payment system, processes a real-time credit card
  • Sends email confirmation to the registered email of the customer for future reference upon successful checkout

Thus, given the kind of successful benefits it brings to an eCommerce based online store, it becomes a must for the administrator to get One-Step Checkout module added to an eCommerce based Magento store and trigger hassle-free online sales. Best of luck!

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